The kids will be grateful.  They need camp now more than ever.

1 ) Give

Give your own Gift to help keep the spark alive for Camp! 

2) Get

Gather your  Friends & Family and get them to give through your own fundraising page! 

You can quickly create your own page via the campaign page.      Share and get the fire glowing!  

3)    Grow

Grow Awareness:  Share your own story or the story of someone you care about to help keep the campfire going by using #KeepCampTaylorsFireWarm    and Grow the spirit with a social

media filter you can quickly add to your profile pics.

30 Days to Give!

Help keep the Campfire warm for Heart Kids!

we own the camp taylor campus!  built by a heart family for heart families. 

constructed and dedicated to the number one birth defect. 

we are camp taylor!