Camp Volunteer Positions 


Our camp nurses are assigned 1-2 cabins (6-12 campers) to oversee during the duration of their camp session. Some of their responsibilities include the following: Check-in campers, checkout, Administer medications, medical vigilance, document all medical interactions, assist your assigned cabin's counselors with routine camper responsibilities, and participate in all camper activities.

**Must have a current California nursing license and CPR certification.**

Counselors (Minimum 18 years of age)

Our camp counselors are paired up and assigned a cabin of 6 to 12 campers. Some of their responsibilities include the following: Ensure their cabin is on time to all scheduled activities, facilitate Giving Tree Time in their cabin, assist in setting up or taking down large camp activities, attend all counselor meetings each morning, serve as a positive role model, ensure all their campers feel safe, secure and included, etc. 

Activity Assistants (Young people ages 16 - 21 years old)

Activity Assistants work under our Activity Director at camp and are the camp cheerleaders. They help lead camp songs and activities, keep up the camp spirit, inject fun, and are helpful to all staff and campers.  


Operations Assistants (Young people ages 16 - 21 years old)

The Operations Assistants also work under our Activities Director. These young men work closely with the Activity Assistants to set up and run camp activities, load and unload supplies, keep up the camp spirit, and help out the staff and campers when needed.



Camp Lifeguards work to ensure all pool rules are followed. When the pool is not open the life guard will work closely with our camp assistants.

**Must be a certified life guard in the state of California**