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What are you waiting for?  Register today!

fun adventuresCT Dad's Retreat iscreated just for you!

We are beyond excited to bring back the opportunity for #CHD Dads to get together and experience fun adventures at camp.  We wouldn't exactly call it "Roughing it" but there will plenty of opportunities over this weekend to explore and build up the spirit of fatherhood unique to heart dads.

Register today!  Weekend Retreat Activities will include:

  • Cornhole Competition

  • Team Grilling Games

  • Flag Football

  • Heart Art Journaling

  • Capture the Flag

  • Poker Tournament

  • Cardboard Boat Races


We've spent 22 years building a name that you can trust, Camp Taylor will help you even the playing field as a parent with a #CHD warrior.   We know you will walk away with new tools to help yourself and your family.  We are your Tribe. 

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