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Kenny and Taylor visit heart camper Nicole in the hospital.


4 Heartsake

Providing care packages, housing, meals, and transportation for families of hospitalized children.

Financial Assistance to Our Camper Families


Never forget that today in intensive care units across the United States children are fighting for their lives. This week alone our local hospitals will perform a minimum of 30 open-heart surgeries on children. By providing gift cards for families to have a free meal in the hospital cafeteria, transportation assistance, or accommodations near the hospital for out of town families, we lend a hand to families during a critical time in an effort to help ease the burden of the financial restraints while needing to be at their child's side.


To qualify for support from the 4Heartsake program the following criteria must be met: 1. The child must have a congenital heart defect. 2. Child must have attended a Camp Taylor camp within the past three years. 3. A request must be sent to the email address below.

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